Our New York location conducts clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas. Medex New York provides principal investigators in: internal medicine, psychiatry, dermatology, and other medical specialties.

Medex New York has conducted clinical research studies in multiple specialties including:
-Back Pain
-Asthma / COPD
-Neuropathic Pain
-Diabetes Mellitus
-Chronic Pain

Medex New York provides the following services:
-Standardized psychological testing and advanced psychiatric evaluations
-On-site radiographic studies
-Pulmonary function testing
-ECG testing and evaluation
-MRIs/CT scans
-Polysomnography testing (sleep lab)
-On-site phlebotomy and local laboratory (CLIA documentation and IATA certified staff)
-Secured, monitored, temperature-controlled, drug storage (site has multiple DEA license holders)
-Site’s class I/II drug storage meet’s NY State’s DOH standards which exceed DEA requirements for secure drug storage

Benefits of using a Medex site for your next clinical trial include:
-Rapid CTA execution
-Central IRB utilization
-Physicians experienced in research
-Experienced CRCs
-Dedicated recruitment team
-Investigators and staff trained in ICH/GCP guidelines with on-going training
-Investigators and staff well-versed in multiple forms of EDC and eDiaries

For information on using Medex New York for your next research project, please contact us.