About Us:

Medex Healthcare Research, Inc. conducts multiple clinical drug trial protocols in almost every therapeutic area. While we offer a multitude of clinical trial opportunities to our research participants, we do not currently take part in infections disease or oncology protocols.

Medex conducts trials that are in phase II, III, or IV development. A phase II trial is used to explore the safety and efficacy of a study drug. Drugs in phase II of development have already been used in animal studies as well as in healthy adult subjects. The safety of these medications is understood, but a phase II trial provides further monitoring of a medication's safety. Unlike a phase II trial, a phase III study has already been shown to have some effectiveness. The goal of most phase III trials is to determine the most effective dose of a medication, show that a medication continues to work when taken over a long period of time, and to demonstrate that the medication is both effective and safe. A phase IV clinical trial is usually performed after a drug has received FDA approval and is often used to demonstrate a drug’s safety and effectiveness over large periods of time or to compare the drug to other drugs on the market. A phase IV trial may also explore additional uses of a medication already approved and on the market.

Medex values the health and well-being of our study participants. The study staff and physicians will thoroughly explain the benefits, risks, and alternative treatment options before any study procedures are initiated. We do this through a process called the informed consent process. As the name suggests, every potential volunteer is informed, both orally and in writing, of the procedures of the study, the reason for the study, an explanation of how the medication work, how information gathered during the study will be used, and many other facets of trial participation. You can take a copy of this information home to review for any period of time before agreeing to be in the study.

Medex appreciates participants who are eager to start a research study - we're eager to count you among our many friends. This said, however, it may be necessary to request medical records from your physician, or speaking with your physician before we're able to place a volunteer in a study. Medex has to determine if you meet the criteria of participation; this is done through a screening process and/or a review of past medical records. Medex will also notify your primary care physician of your desire to participate in a research study; Medex will ask you if you wish to have your physician contacted prior to any communication with your doctor.

Our professional staff of doctors, nurses, and researchers are available to answer any questions you may have about a specific study or general questions.